Food - So much good food!!!

With roots as a Garifuna Fishing Village, Hopkins offers a wide array of local foods. Watch for local specialties at Garifuna diners and local festivals.

Through the years, several International Chefs have made their homes in Hopkins, bringing diversity to menus, creating a fusion of traditional, Mayan, East Indian, Chinese, Western with an array of delicious global influences.

You do not need to venture far from your cabana at Sandpiper to find food. During the day, listen for the honk of the horn of the fruit/veggie truck.

After school is out for the day, watch for kids with buckets full of their families home-baking. Each day brings a new surprise.

Wander about the streets late afternoon to find several kiosks selling Hopkins Street food and baked treats.

At Sandpiper Beach Cabanas, we offer the use of a BBQ. So, go ahead, catch a fish and cook it up, right on the beach...

There are several groceries close by for anything else you may need.

As the Hopkins food scene is ever unfolding, below we are offering links to some of our guests favourites nearby.



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